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Water Distribution

Water Source

Our water is drawn from three drilled wells located in our three well houses and the well field to the north at 116 Bennoch Rd. The water from these locations is filtered and then treated with chlorine to protect against bacteriological contaminants, flouride to promote dental health, and potash to reduce lead solubility. We maintain 2,050 service connections that serve a population of 5,125.

Service Area

Service Area Map

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Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

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The Radio Read Meter System

At the Orono Veazie Water District we are always looking into new technology that will save time and improve accuracy. In 1998 we began installing a radio read meter system. This system has enabled us to reduce the time it takes to read meters and remove the possibility of human error through transposed numbers.

Our technicians collect the data by driving by the customerís location and then simply down load the information from their computer to the billing computer. This system can also alert us to leaks at a customerís property. The meter is programmed to generate a report if during 24 hours there is not a 2-hour period when no water passes through it.

With the Orion System we have been able to reduce our labor costs, which in return have saved our customers money!